Lip Smacking Snickers Tart

Snickers tart



3/4 Cup almond meal

10 medjool dates

1 Tablespoon of coconut oil

2 Tablespoon of Raw Cacao Powder

1 Tablespoon of water


How to prepare the base

Pulse all ingredients in a food processor.  The mixture should end up a little sticky.

Press the mix into a lined tin case (preferably square).  We used an 8 inch x 8inch cake tin.  This can be a little tricky as the mixture will initially want to stick to your fingers.  A good series of slaps will help it to stick together and behave.

Put in freezer to set.


The Peanut Caramel

 3/4 Cup chopped peanuts (not too fine)

8 medjool Dates

2 Tablesoons of warm water

2 Tablespoon of coconut oil

Vanilla essence

Pinch of salt

1 Tablespoon  of Organic maple syrup (or your choice of sweetener)


Preparing the caramel

Using a food processor, add the dates and warm water and puree

Add coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla essence and salt.  Combine thoroughly.

Lastly, add chopped peanuts.  Be sure not to crush the nuts too finely as you want to keep some crunchyness.

Press the caramel evenly onto your base and return it to the freezer.


The Chocolate

1.5  Cups raw cashews (pre-soaked them in water for about 8 hours)

1/2 Cup coconut oil

1/3 Cup organic maple syrup

1/3 Cup filtered water

1/2 Cup raw cacao powder


Preparing the chocolate

Place cashews in your blender with water until smooth.

Add maple syrup and coconut oil.  Blend until thoroughly combined.

Add cacao powder and blend until combined.

Spread the mix onto the peanut caramel.  Make sure to press it down firmly.

Sprinkle crushed peanuts and cacao nibs over the top to decorate.  (pressing these into the top slightly).

Return to the freezer for 5 hours to set.


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