Truly Raw – The Magic of Raw Food

 Find out everything you need to know about Raw Food

Going raw can be an incredible experience, but there is a lot that you need to know to make the most of this new way of life. 

Inside this 36-page ebook that you can download you will also discover:

  • the three main different types of raw diet
  • health points to watch out for when you go raw
  • why losing excess weight is virtually guaranteed if you eat 100% raw food
  • where you will get your protein
  • how you will get your energy (the fruit vs. fat debate)
  • why vitamin B12 is important
  • what are raw superfoods and do you really need them
  • how to transition to raw if you prefer the gradual approach
  • what kitchen equipment you will need (you probably have a lot of it already)
  • whether frozen food is raw
  • how to handle eating in a restaurant or with friends
  • how to go raw if you don’t normally do the cooking in your house
  • whether it’s safe for kids to go raw
  • how to handle cravings
  • how to finally let go of emotional dependence on food